How to Choose Your Travel Subscription

Subscribers can choose between our individual or couples, Silver, Gold or Platinum subscriptions for either two, three or four of our carefully selected One-Click Trips™ per year. With One-Click and your flat monthly subscription fee, you can book your transportation and hotel for trips all across North America! Then, you’ll be able to plan and book adventures and services for your trip through our mobile-app Concierge.

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Trips Per Year for

  • Good Flights
  • Good Hotels
  • No International Travel Access
  • No Cruise Access
  • Can only take Silver level trips


Trips Per Year for

  • Great Flights
  • Great Hotels
  • Limited International Travel Access
  • Limited Cruise Access
  • Can take Silver level trips


Trips Per Year for

  • Best Flights
  • Best Hotels
  • Full International Travel Access
  • Full Cruise Access
  • Can access Silver and Gold level trips

Choose the Subscription
That's Right for You

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