JP’s 24 Trips in 12 Months!

Trip No. 4:  Las Vegas, Nevada

Dates:  December 5 – 7, 2017
Hotel:   Ellis Island Hotel & Brewery


  1. A Silver level Tripaly trip to Ellis Island is a great way to have a Vegas adventure on a budget!
  2. If you want to stay healthy while traveling domestically in the US, try ClassPass–you’ll be able to find gyms and classes in a lot of the cities you go to.
  3. The restaurant and brewery in Ellis Island are amazing and affordable.  Try them!
  4. Get a day pass for the roof of the Stratosphere. After you ride all the coasters, you still have access to the amazing view throughout the day.

Best tips and lessons learned:

  1. I always like to take a money clip to Vegas, so that if I go out, I’ll just take a certain amount of cash, leave the debit card at home and stay on a budget!
  2. Also, when it comes to budget trips to Vegas, go to the ATM before you land in Vegas to avoid high ATM fees and help force you to stay in your budget.
  3.  Pre-arrange your shuttle from the airport to your hotel in Vegas.  Taxis are way more expensive.
  4. To gamble on a budget, play in tournaments!  One fixed price, and you could play for hours.

My Las Vegas Trip:

The next trip was a last minute Silver-level Tripaly trip to Las Vegas!   Who doesn’t love a good trip to Vegas on a whim?!  This one was going to be on a budget, but with a Silver subscription and a few Vegas travel tips and rules, I knew it was going to be great.

As I work and travel as a professional and build a business, I appreciated having a later flight for this trip rather than an early morning one because I was able to really handle a lot of business before I left.  Travel and work requires you to really flex your time management skills.

This time I packed the night before (I’ve learned my lessons during all those early mornings…) but, I still forgot to pack one of my crucial Vegas items:  My money clip – If I go out in Vegas on a budget, then having a money clip, carrying very little and not bringing a debit card keep me to use my money clip it allows me to ration my money and not have to carry any credit cards I may not want to be using.  But, luckily, with upcoming snowboarding trips, I brought my  altitude supplements (you start a few days before you go to altitude, and work-out clothes to keep it healthy while In Vegas.

I had a Frontier flight with my silver level trip (so I had to pay for a carry-on and the service wasn’t the best); but, the flight into Vegas is beautiful…it’s all dessert and occasionally speckled with little towns or RVs grouped together.   All I can imagine is who lives in these little towns surrounded by nothing but dessert.

I took a cab from the airport to the Ellis Island & Brewery Hotel, where I was staying, but I suggest going through Bell Limousine ($11.00) or SuperShuttle ($20.00) which is much cheaper (Those are a shared van, but the guests are usually really nice and it’s efficient.).   Although this is considered a discount hotel, I found it perfect for this trip–clean, comfortable, and with all the amenities I needed (except a gym).

Renovations have been started on the hotel, so I can’t wait to see it in the future.  One thing to note though: there is a resort fee (and that is outside of the Tripaly subscription, so you have to budget for it), but you won’t find many hotels without one in Vegas. Regardless, the feel was so friendly, the staff was super nice and it featured a casino and four restaurants.  The crowd was local and a little older.

After lunch, I got some work done (because this was a last minute weekday trip), and then used ClassPass (one of my favorite apps while traveling) to find a yoga class around me.  I ended up taking a Lyft, but, in retrospect, it would have been much cheaper to rent a car.  Ellis Island offers parking and they offer really cheap rentals at the airport.

I went to True Fusion yoga which was an amazing yoga studio.  There were great teachers, it was a great space and I had a delicious smoothie after class (The Gorilla Slam).  A solid yoga workout was a great way to balance bad decisions on a vacation… 😉

On the way home, my driver told me that he loved the restaurant at my hotel.  He said all the locals loved it.  I couldn’t wait for the next night’s dinner there!

For tonight’s festivities, I wanted to hit the casino but stay on a budget.  How?  Tournaments!  By playing in a tournament, you pay a fixed fee, and if you play well or conservatively, then you can have hours of fun!  I found a website for all the Texas hold ’em tournaments, and it gave all int eh info.   I ended up going to Rio, where I played three hours for an entry fee of $80.00.   I had a blast playing and made it to the final four (but didn’t win). Feeling pretty satisfied, I took a taxi back to the hotel and called it a night.

After sleeping in, I realized that the hotel gave me free breakfast vouchers. This is a huge plus because I didn’t have to uber or taxi anywhere, and the breakfast was actually really good. I got some work done and decided to head to my next adventure:  The Stratosphere Hotel has an amazing view and roller coasters on the roof.  There’s a total of four, and I recommend you try them all or just get a day pass!  Then you can ride them all and enjoy the view multiple times throughout the day.  After that and another small tournament (lost) at Stratosphere, I went back to Ellis Island for the night.

Later that night I went to dinner at the main Ellis Island restaurant, and the food was amazing and so affordable.  Great for an amazing meal on a budget.   I also had the best flight of beers at my life (huge pours, delicious, and brewed right there at Ellis Island!):

All an all, a Silver level trip to Ellis Island in Vegas was affordable, kept me in my budget, and a great adventure.  Take your next trip to Vegas with Tripaly and keep it all within your budget!

Thanks for reading about my trip, and safe travels my friends!

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