Your Guide to the 4 Most Beautiful Swimming Holes in Texas

Cover Photo By Brian P. Barnes (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Austin is a city lush with creeks, lakes, trails, and swimming holes. But if you’re looking for a little bit more of an adventure on hot summer days, then the Hill Country area surrounding the Bat City is a great place to go exploring. With no more than a 45 minute drive needed to reach these memorable watering holes, it’s worth your time to grab your friends, your coolers, and head out to see these 4 gorgeous swimming holes deep in the heart of Texas.

6 Ways to Beat the Heat in Austin

Summers in Austin can get hot. Really hot. Starting in June and lasting through the end of September, the historic average temperature easily breaks 90 degrees every day. Luckily, the Live Music Capital of the World also boasts a commitment to preserving the natural habitat as much as possible. Because of the progressive stance, creeks, rivers, trails, and parks are some of the city’s best features. When you couple the natural beauty of the environment with the great food and drink that come out of Austin, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy yourself. Here are some of our favorite ways to get out and beat the heat deep in the heart of Texas.